Our Philosophy, Vision & Mission

At Home Sweet Home Preschool, we believe that children are capable and resourceful learners and they have much to contribute to their own learning and to ours as well. Children need to be valued as individuals and we need to respect their right to express their thoughts and feelings, regardless of their age or ability. It is our responsibility as early childhood professionals to care for and educate our children and their families through establishing secure, supportive and creative learning environments.

Our vision is to be a model preschool in Riyadh, exemplifying high quality and international best practices in early childhood care and education.

Home Sweet Home Preschool will meet its vision through:

1- empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a confident global citizen of the future.
2- a curriculum focused on pedagogical integrity and research-based best practices.
3- acknowledging and responding to each child’s potential.
4- an authentic partnership with families and the community.
5- continuous, on-going evaluation, improvement and quality assurance across the organization

Our Classes

Every class at Home Sweet Home is a unique environment that accommodates a high-quality program emphasize an emergent curriculum and approach. Our curriculum provides playful learning experiences that is driven by the children’s interests and age-appropriate practices. A typical day at our preschool includes rich opportunities for exploring theories, pretend play, music, art, science, literacy, and math activities.

Each class’s focus is tailored to specific development needs of the age group that include cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and academic skills. Whether it is to encourage young children to build self-resilience, form positive relationship and confidence, or to extending children’s natural sense of curiosity and creativity.

Our educators plan the curriculum and activities to enhance development in all areas and set up their classrooms to promote a structured learning environment appropriate to each age group.


World exploration that is extend further to include specific areas of learning such as Mathematics, Literacy, and Expressive Art.

Meaningful interactions that help children become independent and creative thinkers.

Learning through hands- on activities and purposeful play.

Pre- writing skills and phonological awareness.

Captivate and engage children to explore the world through authentic investigations.

Promoting various activities that stimulate constant learning environment.

Reading readiness and emergent writing skills.

Exploring Math / Science concepts.

Developing communication and problem solving skills.

Building self-esteem, independence and elf-reliance skills.

Providing innovative topics and comprehensive studies that encourages creative learning processes and explorations.

Interest-driven learning experiences in all areas.

Foster reading comprehension proficiency and academic writing skills.

Critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Primary school readiness program that focuses on developmental goals and becoming well-rounded children better prepared for school and life.




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