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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Class
(1-2 years)


Lollipop Class
(2-3 years)


Cupcake Class
(3-4 years)


Cookies Class
(4-5 years)


Ice-cream Class
(5-6 years)


We are very excited to present a globally-acclaimed and an award-winning curriculum, specializing in early childhood education and care, namely the Creative Curriculum. The program is designed to address the whole child including social, moral, cognitive, representational, and physical development domains. A comprehensive, ongoing training supports implementation of the curriculum and a participant-centered professional development program. The Creative Curriculum provides opportunities for teacher and administrators to invent practical strategies that support children’s ways of thinking and challenge them to construct new knowledge. Overall, our program fosters children’s literacy and language development and helps children develop scientific and mathematical knowledge. It uses art, construction, music, movement, and play to promote learning. Lessons are planned with both the individual child and the group in mind.


Our Philosophy, Vision & Mission

At Home Sweet Home Preschool, we believe that children are capable and resourceful learners and they have much to contribute to their own learning and to ours as well. Children need to be valued as individuals and we need to respect their right to express their thoughts and feelings, regardless of their age or ability. It is our responsibility as early childhood professionals to care for and educate our children and their families through establishing secure, supportive and creative learning environments.

Our vision is to be a model preschool in Riyadh, exemplifying high quality and international best practices in early childhood care and education.

Home Sweet Home Preschool will meet its vision through:
1- empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a confident global citizen of the future.
2- a curriculum focused on pedagogical integrity and research-based best practices.
3- acknowledging and responding to each child’s potential.
4- an authentic partnership with families and the community.
5- continuous, on-going evaluation, improvement and quality assurance across the organization


Children in the Cotton Candy Class need a lot of love and support as they start exploring the world. Our activities for children of this age focus on building their self-esteem while creating opportunities for interaction within groups to spark curiosity and socialization. We focus on cognitive and motor skills through playtime and various activities. Development through age- appropriate materials and toys is promoted and regular communication between parents and teachers seeks to keep you informed about your child’s day.

Our children in the Lollipop Class will continue to learn through sensory experiences which will enhance their cognitive, language, motor and social skills. Here their ideas can be turned into words and phrases to express themselves clearly and practice the value of sharing and cooperating through group play. Children at this stage start to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others. It is important for them to express themselves creatively while developing their unique skills and interests.

Our preschoolers in the Cupcake Class are busy exploring the world around them and learning to communicate their thoughts. Our caring teachers keep small hands busy and young minds engaged through activities designed specifically for this age group. Your child will build skills and confidence through games, songs, movement, art and creative expression. By encouraging child-directed play, we ensure that your child develops at his or her own pace. Sharing, cooperating, and taking turns teaches your child the importance of being a team member.

The Kindergarten class helps set the foundation for the future. Students develop the language, reading, writing, mathematical, and social skills that will help them achieve success throughout their academic and daily lives. All of this learning occurs in a fun and challenging centers-based classroom with the guidance of caring and supportive teachers.





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